The service is designed to assist corporates in the management of all meetings, be it committee meetings, board meetings, AGM’s or EGM’s. The app key features include;

Member Creation and Register

Allows the creation of new members and enables the “administrator” to assign rights to each user (i.e. member).

Meeting Management Centre

The App assists the meeting secretary to set meetings’ agenda, cancel or reschedule meetings. Enables the user to view all the meetings that are in the system and select the type of meeting they want to hold

Generation of Reports

Allows for the generation of minute reports and prior to publication.

Registration of Attendees

This solution facilitates easy registration of attendees by picking their details from the register.

Voting results and statistics

Voting is conducted android application. Reports are produced and categorized into: a). Those who vote for, against or abstain for each resolution , b). Percentage results statistics will also be displayed against each resolution