CDSCR offers capital raising services for Initial Public Offering (IPO), Rights Issues and Bond Issues among others. We have robust systems designed to provide an effective and efficient solution to the respective capital raising processes.

The system touches on all key aspects of the process providing a platform that is both web based and available through the mobile phone. The systems are able to electronically register, verify, process, retrieve and view data during and after the respective processes.

Key Features;

  • Advisory services on respective transactions
  • Data Capturing including creation/upload of register
  • Reconciliation and reporting on funds received for the transaction
  • Computation and allotment of shares
  • Processing and verification of respective applications
  • Processing of payments and refunds
  • Robust reports
  • Printing of share certificates where necessary
  • Operation of transaction bank accounts
  • Digitization of physical documents
  • Liaison with market players, regulators and stakeholders